Boss Queen gold Earrings (Small) for kids
lol doll Boss queen - gold earring

Boss Queen Earrings (Small)

AED. 3,950.00 AED
AED. 3,950.00 AED
 Boss Queen gold Earrings (Small) for kids

Boss Queen Earrings (Small)

AED. 3,950.00

Boss Queen Earrings (Small)

AED. 3,950.00

Shine Bright with lol Jewellery Boss Queen !


Unique 3D Shape : Unlike regular earrings, our Boss Queen Earrings pops out in 3D, making it extra special and fun to wear

 Quality Gold : Our Pieces are available in three shades of 18k gold - bright yellow, pretty rose, and cool white. It's not just shiny, it's also strong and will last a long time

Official LOL Surprise: For all LOL Surprise lovers, this is an official piece from their favorite brand, making it a must-have!

Special Packaging

 Luxury Packaging : Comes in two boxes - a lovely pink one on the outside and a classy off-white one inside

Display Drawer : A special drawer in the box to keep your earrings safe and show it off in style.

 Guarantee of Authenticity : We include a certificate to show it's a real, high-quality piece.

Fun Extras

Interactive Coloring Gift Card: After receiving the gift card with heartwarming words inside, kids can color and personalize it, which is also magnetic, so they can stick it on the fridge or other metal surfaces.

Perfect Gift for Kids

This earrings are a wonderful gift for children who love jewelry and LOL Surprise. It's fun, fancy, and something they can treasure

Each Piece is Unique
 Every Boss Queen Earrings is a one-of-a-kind creation, ensuring that your gift is as unique as the little one who wears it

Color Options
Please note that the pendant is a unique piece and available only in the colors shown in the product pictures

Luxurious Detailing with Ceramic
 We use ceramic to make the eye and other details of the doll, ensuring they stay forever and add more shine to the jewelry. This enhances the luxury and appeal of the earrings

Get Yours Now
Don't miss out on this dazzling Boss Queen Earrings. It's a piece of jewelry that brings fun, fashion, and a touch of luxury to your little one's world. Order now and make their day extra sparkly!

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